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21 Day Organization Challenge – Day 12 & 13

Organization Challenge

I am combining Days 12 & 13 together today for the 21 Day Organizing Challenge! My spices are in my pantry so they were done on Day 7. So I really only had my medicine cabinet to complete! Remember, you can go back and start at Day 1 or check out how this is related to couponing!

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Not sure what happened, I thought I took a before picture of my medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, I don’t see it now :/ I have always wanted the coffee filters and cups to be near the coffee pot, but it never seemed to work. I am excited that I was able to make it work now! I use the small coffee container and fill it with coffee from the big container in the pantry.

One other thing about our coffee maker, it is large. I was concerned about how close it was to the bottom of the cabinet and the steam vent on top. I put some Glad Press n Seal on the bottom of the cabinet! It wears down after awhile and needs replaced, but so far it has done the job! BTW, I love my KitchenAid Coffee Maker!!

Previously, we had all of our meds in the cabinet, but now some are in the drawer below. It has a child lock on it and the meds that are easier to open go towards the back.


Spices… I have a shelf for the back of the door in our pantry which provided a lot more storage for us. I use one shelf for the spiced in cans and another for the plastic or glass containers. If you are looking for a creative way to put your spices near your stove check this post out.

Come back tomorrow for – Day 14 Under Bathroom Sinks

GIVEAWAY: Just to keep everyone motivated and to get a few people to join me so I am not alone! Can I buy your love?! I will add a new entry for each day as we go along! You can pin your before/after pictures or leave me a comment about what you organized. Just be sure to click today’s entry on the rafflecopter below once you have done the pin or comment!

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